HARIO V60-02W Acrylic Dripper, White

HARIO V60-02W Acrylic Dripper, White


Eight Ounce Coffee

If you are used to making a pot of coffee even when you want just a cup, then this great little brewer may well be your saviour. Arguably the most popular manual brew method over the past decade, the Hario V60-02 is a newer twist on the classic Melita cones.

  • Makes 1-4 cups
  • Both simple to use and easy to clean
  • BPA-free and shatter resistant

Hario is distributed in Canada by Eight Ounce Coffee, a proudly Canadian company specialising in bringing great quality coffee gear to Canadian Baristas and Specialty Cafes.  We distribute a range of great products including Acme, Hario, Porlex, KeepCup, Clever Drippers, Bonavita, and Espresso Supply.