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STAUB Round Tea Kettle 1.15L

STAUB Round Tea Kettle 1.15L

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The teapot is perfect for use on all types of hobs, even on induction. It also saves energy as you don't have to pour water from a kettle into a teapot, simply hanging the tea strainer from the lid. And the cast iron's long heat retention further enhances energy-saving. The teapot measures 16.5 cm and holds 1.15 litres, so that you can easily use it to pour several cups of tea at the table. This Staub combined kettle and teapot sets you up perfectly for relaxed afternoon tea with friends.

  • Suitable for boiling water and to steep tea
  • Tea remains hot for a long time
  • Tee ball is hooked in underneath the knob
  • Suitable for all types of hobs, including induction
  • Also for serving soups in an original way