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Wooden Meat Mallet

Original price $9.50 - Original price $9.50
Original price $9.50
$9.50 - $9.50
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  • This meat hammer is made of from wood with aluminum alloy heads.
  • This double sided mallet makes it multi-functional. Use the flat side to flatten meat or use the textured side to tenderize meat, creating soft and juicy steaks when cooking which will bring you much convenience
  • The appropriate weight for beating some toughness of a steak, the ergonomic design saves much time to tender meat with high efficiency
  • The wooden handle and smooth surface is comfortable and safe to use. After each use, just soak it the in soap water after a few minutes and wash it with the brush, which helps it keep clean
  • The meat hammer is perfect for tenderizing meats, such as chicken breasts, pork and beef. Ideal for hotels, restaurants as well as home use.