MAISON BERGER Precious Rosewood Fragrance Refill

MAISON BERGER Precious Rosewood Fragrance Refill


Maison Berger

Precious Rosewood is an intense and exotic fragrance which exalts the preciousness of rare woods used in perfume-making. The top note magnifies the perfectly dosed acidity of grapefruit and exotic fruits, all softened by lime. At the heart, spices and tea leaves intertwine the bouquet of light and luminous flowers. The rich base reveals the warmth of patchouli and the sweetness of vanilla. A truly precious fragrance. Perfume secret:Rosewood is a tree that grows in the Tropics, in India and Brazil. 

  • 500ml
  • 20h of diffusion 
  • 80h of fragrance

It was in 1898, that the amazing Lampe Berger story started. In response to a major preoccupation at that time - sepsis in hospitals - Maurice Berger, a pharmaceutical dispenser, invented a system of diffusion by catalysis, for which he filed a patent. This revolutionary technology, which purifies the air in enclosed rooms, was soon to be applied for private use, giving birth to the Lampe Berger company, now known as Maison Berger.