All Stocked Up! - Tuesday, Sept. 17 at 6:30pm

All Stocked Up! - Tuesday, Sept. 17 at 6:30pm


Rozella Klassen

 Soup is the ultimate comfort food. Easy to make, easy to eat, and full of flavorful nutrients, soup is a staple in our kitchens year round. Arm yourself for chilly nights and learn to make these four basic broths, along with four delicious soup recipes. 

Chicken Stock, Beef Stock, Seafood Stock and Vegetable Stock

Which we will then turn into:

Chicken- Tom Yum Thai Hot Sour Soup

Spicy, funky, sweet and sour this simple soup is so satisfying, and will have you craving more.

Beef- Classic French Onion Soup

Ever wonder how those high-end restaurants create this classic? It is easier than you may think. 

Seafood- Cioppino

A seafood stew created by Italian immigrant fishermen in the late 1800’s and packed full of flavor.

Vegetable- Cream of Fresh Tomato Soup

Garnished with fresh basil and Parmesan toasts for croutons, this is a fantastic soup to make in the early fall when there are tons of vine ripened tomatoes in the market. 

 All classes include two glasses of wine, Perrier, or Italian soda, and run approximately 2 - 2 1/2 hours


Rozella Klassen: 

Sunday gatherings, laden tables, and impromptu dinner guests were a regular part of my upbringing. Ours was a home of farm to table lifestyle long before it became a trend. The Kitchen was the school in which I learned the art of canning, preserving, baking, pastries, stocks and sauces. Because of this rich heritage, I have resolved to pass along my passion for food through entertaining, hosting, catering and teaching others the art of food well-made and loving others through shared tables.  


**Workshop Refund Policy**

No refunds. Can transfer the ticket to another workshop 

with a minimum 3 days (not incl. Sunday) before a workshop date.