BIALETTI "Mukka Express" Espresso Maker

BIALETTI "Mukka Express" Espresso Maker



Of course, some coffee drinkers just cannot resist the comfort of a creamy cappuccino and for those coffee lovers, Bialetti has the perfect solution - the Mukka Express. Light-heartedly decorated with cow spots, the Mukka Express produces the same delicious black coffee as the rest of the Bialetti range, but at the same time, it also froths up enough milk for two small (~200ml each) cappuccinos!

  • 440ml capacity
  • Unique cow-spot design
  • Aluminum construction

In Italy, where the kitchen is the heart of the home, where cooking is a passion and where meals bring friends and family together, Bialetti is found in nine of ten households. Why? Because like every true Italian, cooking is in our soul. And just as Alfonso Bialetti’s Moka Express revolutionized the art of coffee brewing, we’ve been crafting innovations that advance the art of cooking for nearly a century.