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DAMIEN'S Romeo Papa Hot Sauce

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Damien's Romeo Papa is a hot sauce brimming with savoury goodness. Roasted peppers, onions, carrots, and garlic create a mouth-watering base, rounded out with hints of porcini and thyme. The Romeo Papa is a relatively mild hot sauce that pairs well with most foods you put in your mouth.

Damien grew up on a farm in Trinidad where food was the center of life in every respect. There was no such thing as a non-fresh ingredient, and no such thing as a bland meal. Fortunately for everyone who knows him, he moved to the Toronto area as a teenager.

- Made from only fresh ingredients
- Gluten free
- No salt or sugars added

  Tons of flavour

 - Ingredients: Bell peppers, onion, vinegar, carrot, hot peppers, cucumber, limes, garlic, porcinis, honey, olive oil, kosher salt, herbs and spices.