DE BUYER Nostalgy Skillets

DE BUYER Nostalgy Skillets

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Resolutely vintage-looking  and hinting at childhood memories, the patinated finish of the range NOSTALGY confers it refinement and elegance.
Its resistant stainless steel composition facilitates the use and the maintenance. The wide magnetic bottom spreads the heat in a quite even way on the whole bottom of the item, and makes cooking easy on all heat sources, induction included.
The flared edges provide an easy pouring of all food and liquids. The comfortable and ergonomic fittings -French-style bent handle , the hasp, the wide grips - are solidly riveted to the body.
The French-style curved grips keeps the hand away from the heat source. Designed and made in France

Skirt in AISI 304 stainless steel, without sharp corners. Pouring lip.
Durable, undeformable and robust cookware.
Thick sandwich bottom (7mm): suitable for induction and even diffusion of heat across the bottom of the pan.
Old time finish : scratch-proof.

Stainless steel riveted handle : designed for optimal ergonomics; Grooves under the handle for your fingers : comfortable and smooth grip.
French style curvature: keeps your hand away from the heating source 

All cooktops including induction.