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ELISE DUFOUR Ceramic Plates

Original price $30.00 - Original price $100.00
Original price $30.00
$30.00 - $100.00
Current price $30.00
Size: 5"

Handmade ceramic plates in a glossy white.

Food/microwave safe. Hand wash recommended. 

Sold individually.

Each piece is unique, shape & color may vary.

Like the flow of the tides, Elise Dufour's ceramic work naturally evolved to find its beauty in its simplicity and authenticity. Each piece is unique, created and painted by hand in her studio. The shape, design and lightness of her functional ceramic is organic and inspired by nature, yet contemporary with unique character and the subtle traces of the ceramist maker. Each one of these ceramic pieces will enhance your home with its uniqueness.

In a culture with the surfeit of branding and mass-produced goods, we gravitate towards the handmade not just for it’s exclusivity but for how it makes us feel.
"My work follows the practice of Wabi-sabi... a philosophy that embraces the celebration of perfect imperfections…where the “Art of accident” is seen as a creative opportunity."
                                                                     - Elise Dufour