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FOOD CRAYON Tropical Box

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Sharpen your Food Crayons as a finishing touch on your dishes, desserts and cocktails when ready to serve.

This Tropical Box contains three Food Crayons and a sharpener.  The flavours include:

Coco & Yuzu - Poke bowl salmon or tuna, Blanc manger, Scallop carpaccio, fish and shrimp cocktail will see their perfectly tangy taste with a few shavings of Coconut & Yuzu Crayon on your plate.  Yuzu is a delicious fruit with a grapefruit/mandarin flavour.

Grapefruit & Pepper - The Grapefruit & Pepper Crayon is perfect on fish, shrimp, salads, avocado, fruit and desserts. The bitterness of grapefruit and the lemony taste of Timut pepper provide an ideal seasoning for all fish and shellfish.

Tangerine & Cinnamon - Cinnamon goes perfectly with tangerine to add a slightly sweet and spicy touch to your pork tenderloin, roast turkey or any other white meat.


How it works:

Sharpen your Spice Pencils to finish on your dishes, desserts or cocktails when ready to serve.

How many chips:
5 to 10 chips per plate. 1 to 2 shavings per bite or on a cocktail. 1 pencil weighs 18 g = 120 shavings. 

Duration and conservation:
The Food Crayons can be kept for 9 months. Once opened, keep them  in the refrigerator tightly closed in their tube.

Gluten Free

Vegan Friendly