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FOX RUN Wooden Dough Whisk

Original price $14.50 - Original price $14.50
Original price $14.50
$14.50 - $14.50
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Quickly cut together doughs and scrape away flour pockets with this 12" danish dough whisk with a wooden handle! This specialized whisk is perfect for handling tough doughs and batters. If you want to create decadent desserts or freshly baked breads like muffins, waffles, no-knead breads, soda bread, or scones, this whisk is a time saver.

Dough whisks are ideal for handling tough doughs without overworking the ingredients! This lets you turn out a lighter, fluffier end product. Unlike wooden spoons, the thin wires of this dough whisk quickly cut into the dough and remove clumps of flour for a smoother, more consistent mixture. This whisk is made of durable stainless steel with a wooden handle for a classic appearance.