Fresh Pasta from Scratch  - Monday, Jun. 1 at 6:30pm

Fresh Pasta from Scratch - Monday, Jun. 1 at 6:30pm


Chef Dez

Come spend a casual evening in a cooking workshop with Chef Dez. Less formal than a full cooking class and more “hands on” as we show you how to make fresh pasta from scratch. We will also learn how to make a delicious tomato pasta sauce to serve our oodles of noodles with. The taste & texture of fresh pasta is far superior than dry pasta. You will love this workshop!

 All classes include two glasses of wine, Perrier, or Italian soda, and run approximately 2 - 2 1/2 hours.


 Chef Dez is a Red Seal Chef, Culinary Instructor, Author and National Food Columnist.  His passion for food and people is unbounded and anyone who has attended his classes would agree.  Thousands have rekindled their romance for the culinary arts because of his infectious enthusiasm for bringing ingredients together.

**Workshop Refund Policy**

No refunds. Can transfer the ticket to another workshop with a minimum 3 days (not incl. Sunday) before a workshop date.