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HELEN'S ASIAN KITCHEN Carbon Steel Wok, 14"/35cm

Original price $69.50 - Original price $69.50
Original price $69.50
$69.50 - $69.50
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Part of the Carbon Steel Wok Series by Helen's Asian Kitchen the 14 inch Carbon Steel Wok with two-tone bamboo handle is a heavy weight at 1.8 mm of carbon steel. It is made for use on gas, induction or electric burners and the pan's heavy weight carbon steel body is designed for rapid, even heating and cooling - a must for any stir-fry. Its generous size will enable you to make delicious Asian meals for your entire family. These heavy weight carbon steel pans will render superior cooking performance. This pan is perfect for creating such authentic Asian-style recipes as curried shrimp with lemon rice and Szechwan beef stir-fry. This pan features two-tone bamboo grip and helper handles. These bamboo handles are designed to be heat-resistant on the stovetop, so you can easily remove the pan from the burner without using potholders. Has a loop on the handle for easy hanging storage.

  • Traditional carbon steel wok for quick heat response and uniform heating
  • Flat bottom sits securely on any stovetop -- gas, electric or induction
  • Heat-resistant handles
  • Carbon Steel is recyclable and Two-tone bamboo handle s 100% sustainable
  • Versatile -- stir fry, stew, saute, deep fry, braise and so much more