MAISON BERGER Originelle Black Glass Lamp

MAISON BERGER Originelle Black Glass Lamp


Maison Berger

The iconic Originelle, makes its come back with the vintage reedition, ultra-trendy this season. It’s new colour, antique black, brings style, whilst it’s ancient pewter finish criss cross  mounting, shows it’s prestige.

  • 16.5cm tall
  • 310ml capacity
  • Lamp sold in a pack with its accessories ( burner, stopper and funnel).

It was in 1898, that the amazing Lampe Berger story started. In response to a major preoccupation at that time - sepsis in hospitals - Maurice Berger, a pharmaceutical dispenser, invented a system of diffusion by catalysis, for which he filed a patent. This revolutionary technology, which purifies the air in enclosed rooms, was soon to be applied for private use, giving birth to the Lampe Berger company, now known as Maison Berger.