LE CREUSET Phenolic Knob

LE CREUSET Phenolic Knob


Le Creuset

The enhanced composite knob on this range is larger for a better grip, with increased heat resistance up to 250ºC or 480ºF

(Small) compatible with:

  • Round French Oven: 0.95 L, 2 L, 3.3 L
  • Oval French Oven: 0.95 L, 3.3 L

(Large) compatible with:

  • Round French Oven: 4.3 L, 5.2 L, 6.9 L, 8.5 L, 12.5 L
  • Oval French Oven: 4.7 L, 6.4 L, 9 L
  • Goose Pot: 14.5 L

Whether you are refreshing a well loved Le Creuset French Oven that has been passed down through the generations with a new Classic Phenolic Knob, or want to learn more about cooking with cast iron, Le Creuset’s practical and convenient line of accessories are the perfect resource.