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LODGE, Pan Scraper set

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The Lodge Scraper combo polycarbonate black grill pan scraper and red pan scraper have multiple purposes for kitchens everywhere. You can use the red pan scraper to scrape up every bit of sauces, meats, or gravy from a pan, so you get more of your product served to your guests and less in the trash. The different angles of each corner provide every way you need to scrape cooked-on food off of your pans to get that nice, clean pan you want. The black grill scraper's two sides with teeth provide the perfect way to get into the indentations of grill pans so you can scrape cooked on grease and meat off your pans with ease. 

Made of a durable polycarbonate, these scrapers remain rigid during use and will not bend or break under the constant, heavy use of your commercial kitchen. The material ensures that they will not collect food particles while providing a smooth surface that easily cleans up at the end of the night.