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LOVE COCOA Avocado 71% Dark Chocolate (Vegan)

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We've combined our two favourite superfoods, avocados and dark chocolate, to create a vegan-friendly chocolate bar with a delicious, exciting flavour, unlike anything you have tasted before. 

Pairs Perfectly With:

  • Margaritas
  • Fruit tea of your choice

           Why choose Love Cocoa? This product is:

          • Free from Palm Oil 
          • Vegetarian Friendly
          • Slavery Free
          • Made from Single Origin Chocolate
          • Comes in Plastic Free Packaging, beautifully designed by us in London
          • 75g.

            By buying this product, you will help to plant a tree in Kenya. 

            *Contain Milk and Soya. Made on machinery that processes Tree Nuts (almonds, hazelnuts), Peanuts and Wheat.


            The inspiration behind Love Cocoa comes from founder James Cadbury's, great-great-great grandfather John Cadbury, who set up Cadbury chocolate nearly 200 years ago.

            A philanthropist and anti-slavery campaigner himself, John Cadbury built his company on great ethical grounds, looking after its workforce and improving civil rights, and it is these same ethical values that remain at the heart of our company today.


            Our mission is to make chocolate consumption more sustainable. The mainstream chocolate industry is shrinking our rainforests, damaging the environment and contributing to global warming on an alarming scale. The problem begins right at the source: with the farming of the humble cocoa bean. We’re tackling this issue head-on by planting one tree for every product sold. Together we can create a fairer, more sustainable chocolate industry.