MAISON BERGER, Car Diffuser Refill,  Oriental Star

MAISON BERGER, Car Diffuser Refill, Oriental Star

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This set of two Maison Berger car diffuser refills will efficiently refill your diffuser The process developed by Maison Berger Paris allows for even and subtle diffusion. The perfume has been designed especially for this method of diffusion and developed by master perfumers from Grasse.
  • The diffusion time of one ceramic refill is around 4 weeks.

The Oriental Star Home Fragrance is opulent and shimmering. It carries the sparkle of a first meeting, with its top notes of coconut and bergamot, the sensual vanilla-scented audacity of amber and patchouli and a tender and fruity heart with scents of red fruits and jasmine.


Bergamot, Tangerine, Coconut


Red fruits, Peach, Jasmine


Vanilla, Amber, Patchouli