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MARABISSI Panforte Margherita

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The origin of "Panforte di Siena" dates back to the Middle Ages when the city of Siena was a major thoroughfare for the spice trade. In fact, back then "Panforte" was rich with honey and a great number of mixed spices. The modern day "Margherita" version is much lighter compared to its progenitor. It employs less spices; although it retains candied fruit, honey and almonds; the upper surface is strewn with white powdered sugar. It was officially introduced in 1879 in honor of Queen Margherita di Savoia; hence, the name "Margherita."

The pastry maker Marabissi has decades worth of experience. True to its commitment to quality it employes solely high-quality ingredients.

100g - 3.5oz