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MOSA Double Walled Professional Whipper

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Make fresh whipped cream, chef-style sweet and savory toppings, sauces and mousses in seconds with Mosa's Cream Whipper. It's perfect for garnishing cappuccinos, coffees, shakes and ice cream. Imagine topping off your culinary creations with fresh, handmade whipped topping. It's easy to use; simply add cream, charge the unit, shake and, while holding whipper vertically with the decorating nozzle pointed downwards, dispense your whipped topping. Keep whipper in the refrigerator until you're ready to realize your favorite luscious dream, again. When stored properly, the whipper's contents remain fresh and ready to use for up to two weeks.

Mosa's Stainless Steel Cream Whipper is the first and only 100 percent stainless steel cream whipper. With its sturdy construction, it will withstand the stress and strain of intense usage. You'll have the durability, reliability, and convenience that culinary professionals demand with Mosa's Stainless Steel Cream Whipper. Whipper has 100 percent stainless steel head and includes a stainless steel decorating tip and metal base, Cream Charger cover, directions, and recipe booklet are included.

Yields 4 times the amount poured into cream whipper in seconds. Also used for cold or warm ingredients. Stainless Steel, double wall bottle for best insulation storage.

  • Instantly make fresh whipped cream & chef-style sweet & savory toppings & mousses
  • Keep whipped cream fresh in the fridge up to two weeks
  • Yields 4 times the amount
  • Used for cold or warm ingredients
  • Double wall bottle
  • Best insulation