MUNCH Vanilla Latte Almond Nut Butter, 240g

MUNCH Vanilla Latte Almond Nut Butter, 240g


Our Vanilla Latte Almond Butter is an amazing combination of roasted almonds, espresso and chia seeds! This one is sure to leave your taste buds dancin' ! Spread it on some toast in the morning or use it as on oatmeal topping.... because given enough coffee, we are pretty sure we could rule the world. 

 Ingredients | Roasted Almonds | Chia Seeds* | Coffee Bean | Organic Turbinado Sugar* | Vanilla | Alaea Hawaiian Sea Salt

Nutrition Per - 2TBPS/ 30g | 172 Calories | 14g Fat | 6g Carbohydrates | 5g Protein

 Most people have no idea how good their bodies are designed to feel.  And it’s as simple as this:  Eat Real Food.

 Real, tasty, whole food is their passion and Munch wants to share it with you!  They promise you will never find any fillers or additives in their butters.  Made with 100% natural ingredients.  ALL their products are vegan, and proudly made in Canada!