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POTERIE RENAULT Ceramic Fromage Dish/Keeper

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One of the very special discoveries from the Pottery Renault warehouse, we are thrilled to offer this exceptional Vintage French Cheese Keeper. More than just a place to store cheese, it was produced by Pottery Renault for the Lanquetot brand of cheeses and is called a "Cave d'Affinage". The English translation would be an Aging or Maturing Cellar.  Much like fine wine, young cheeses often require careful aging to create their rich, layered flavors. This maturing process typically takes place in underground cellars where temperature and humidity levels are carefully monitored.

Of course doing that at home is a bit difficult and most of us buy our cheeses already aged and ready to enjoy, but this Cave d'Affinage provides a way to store cheeses in elevated French style. Made of thick, unglazed ceramic, this cheese keeper helps to maintain a more even temperature and wick away humidity. The 3-piece Cave includes a wood disk that sits in the bottom dish to hold your cheese, while the cover keeps the cheese out of direct light and helps modulate temperature and humidity.  

Inspired by the time-honored French traditions of cheese making, this rare find from the Pottery Renault warehouse is sure to serve you well.

Made by Poterie Renault in France.

Designed, loved, tried and tested, Renault pottery is a 5th generation French institution specializing in classic French kitchen goods. These are rare finds from the now-shuttered Poterie Renault factory that will no longer be produced.

7"diam x 3.5"h