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ROCANINI COFFEE ROASTERS Fifth Avenue Single Origin Espresso

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Notes: Dark chocolate, roasted almond, caramel, syrupy, full body

The Fifth Avenue Single Origin Espresso carries the namesake of their Roastery location on West 5th Avenue in Mount Pleasant. The Roastery is where it all begins; it is the foundation of the whole company.  It's where we decide on our flavour profiles and meticulously test each new coffee.  Fifth Avenue SOE espresso represents this foundation.  It's a strong and full bodied coffee with dark chocolate notes that add depth, providing this espresso with the strength to act as the base in any beverage, from a single shot espresso, building to a rich, milky latte. Our intention with this blend was to create a coffee that would sit on the other end of the spectrum from the No. 3 blend. The simple yet intense flavours of our Fifth Avenue SOE espresso yield a low acidity coffee which offers a super smooth and syrupy texture.  This coffee is a staple for us, and it goes down a treat. 


Region Acatenango Valley, Chimaltenango, Guatemala
Varietal 100% Bourbon
Processing Hand Picked, Spring Water Washed, Patio Sun Dried
Altitude 1550 meters

Packaged in white bag for this run only.