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SWISSMAR Hard Rind Cheese Knife

Original price $22.00 - Original price $22.00
Original price $22.00
$22.00 - $22.00
Current price $22.00

This knife features a sharp point for piercing or scoring rinds on cheeses such as romano, parmesan, brie. It has a raised handle allowing you to cut directly on the plate without hitting the plate lip.

  • Stainless steel with hollow handle
  • Sleek finish, slim design
  • Super sharp and sturdy for cutting through the rind

Swissmar has been providing quality products and service at affordable prices since 1983. In addition to the expanding assortment of Swissmar branded products, Swissmaris the exclusive North American partner for internationally known brands such as Börner of Germany, Dalla Piazza of Switzerland and Nuance of Denmark.