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AUTHOR - Carla Lalli Music

Hardcover - 287 Pages

That Sounds So Good was published in October 2021 and was an instant New York Times Bestseller. I separated the 100 recipes into sections based on normal life. The first half is filled with dishes optimized for Monday through Thursday, when work, school, and commutes shorten the amount of time we can devote to a meal. Think quick chops, one-pot pastas, big salads, and a whole chapter called “Burning Clean,” when you need a break from all the eating you did over the weekend! 

The second half is for Friday and the Weekend, when time stretches out a bit, and maybe you even have friends around the table. We’ve got “Lazy Lunches”, plenty of Sunday soups and braises, and produce-forward dishes for all those market hauls. 

There are more than 50 vegetarian recipes in the new book, and there’s a photo for every recipe in the book (shot at my house in Brooklyn!). I give tons of Spin Its for all of the dishes, so you’ll never wonder about substitutions.