TOVOLO, Scoop & Spread
TOVOLO, Scoop & Spread

TOVOLO, Scoop & Spread

  • Tovolo's Scoop & Spread has been upgraded! The tool we all know and love is now available in a 12.5″ inch spread. This mighty useful tool is perfect for scooping contents out of large jars, cans and containers as well as scrambling eggs and stir-fry's. The nylon spreader smears condiments with ease and is sturdy enough to cut through cooked chicken. The oversized handle keeps hands clean, making it the perfect 2-in-1 kitchen tool.

    • Jumbo size is excellent for scraping out commercial sized containers and cans
    • Spatula end is great for scrambling eggs, stir-frys, and cutting cooked chicken
    • Flexible silicone spoon end easily scoops and scrapes jars clean
    • Spatula end easily spreads jellies, jams, butter, and soft cheeses
    • Oversized handle keeps hands mess-free
    • Please call store for colour choice.