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WESTMARK Meat Grinder

Original price $119.50 - Original price $119.50
Original price $119.50
$119.50 - $119.50
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With the Westmark Meat Grinder Gr.8 you can quickly and easily reduce or grind meat. The ground meat can be used for, for example, a hamburger, tartare or many other dishes. The mill has a manual drive and is made of cast steel. The built-in clamp allows you to clamp the meat grinder to a table or board, keeping it firm while grinding. After use, the meat grinder is easy to take apart and you can easily clean the parts.

Features Westmark Meat Grinder Gr.8

  • Size 10
  • Made of cast steel
  • Including Westmark Meat Grinder Disc 4.5 mm for Gr.10
  • Manual drive
  • Easy to fix with supplied clamp
  • Quick to take apart for cleaning
  • with bonus Gefu Spritzkuchen attachment.