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ZYLISS Garlic Press with Cleaning Tool

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Our Chef's Favorite!

Garlic gives dishes great flavour and aroma, but it's not a scent you want on your hands all night, and it's hard to get off. The beauty of this press is that it doesn't require a lot of finicky prep work to peel and snip the ends off the individual cloves before inserting them, like most do: you can just pop them into the big hopper as is -- even several at once -- squeeze, and voila, the minced garlic and juices will be pushed through the 1 x 1.5 inch grid, and then you just slice the last of them off there with a paring knife, if need be.

The clean-up is a breeze, too, thanks to the cleaning tool implement which stores in its handle, which has an array of plastic spikes matching the grill's holes, to push the remaining skin and pulp out, and three spikes on the end to pick them up with. And both parts are dishwasher safe. The metal press itself has a nonstick coating.