REVOL Porcelain Lion Head Tureen, 12oz

REVOL Porcelain Lion Head Tureen, 12oz

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    The lion's head soup bowls are one of the traditional features of French cuisine. Onion soup, pastry-sealed soup with foie-gras, bisque, clam soup, potage or velouté, etc.   Designed in high-quality porcelain by Revol, these legendary soup bowls can be used in the oven and will keep your food at the right temperature for longer. You can take your time to enjoy your hot soups in a tureen that will make a great effect on the dining table and delight your guests. Be creative! Why not invent some new uses for this soup tureen with original and daring presentations? Salads, mousses, fruit salads, ravioli... Everything is possible with this lion's head soup tureen by Revol! To underline its modern and original look, place this soup tureen on a Basalt dish - harmony and elegance guaranteed with this surprising combination.


    Revol is a French company specializing in culinary porcelain, managed by the same family for nine generations. The Revols are manufacturers, traders, merchants, and master potters, from father to son. And while genealogy places this family in the north of the Drôme, archaeology shows that its regional roots extend all the way to the city of Lyon. It is there that the Pierre Revol’s family builds pottery studios throughout the 18th century. His choice of location is not only motivated by a return to his family roots, but is also explained by the quality of the soil: it contains not only superior clays and sands, but especially deposits of kaolin that favour the manufacture of more resistant pieces that are flameproof.

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