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REVOL Porcelain Ramekin, 8 cm x 5cm

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Original price $17.00
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This ramekin by Revol is the perfect piece for baking that perfect individual souffle, or for putting nuts and condiments on your charcuterie board.

Available in our cast iron look finish.

Designed in top-quality Revol porcelain, this French Classic ramekin will not absorb odours or grease and is scratch-resistant: enjoy 100% healthy and natural cooking.

The flat base guarantees very fast and even thermal conduction and distribution, and keeps food at an ideal temperature. Designed in high-performance porcelain, these individual oven dishes are non-porous, making them easier to clean and guaranteeing a longer lifespan.


Revol is a French company specializing in culinary porcelain, managed by the same family for nine generations. The Revols are manufacturers, traders, merchants, and master potters, from father to son. And while genealogy places this family in the north of the Drôme, archaeology shows that its regional roots extend all the way to the city of Lyon. It is there that the Pierre Revol’s family builds pottery studios throughout the 18th century. His choice of location is not only motivated by a return to his family roots, but is also explained by the quality of the soil: it contains not only superior clays and sands, but especially deposits of kaolin that favour the manufacture of more resistant pieces that are flameproof.