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AURATAE Cleaning Solution, Bergamot Radiance

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Original price $32.00
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Size: 16 oz Glass Multipurpose Cleaner

Scent Notes: Bergamot and Vanilla

We recommend using the this alcohol-based cleaning solution on glass, mirrors, toilets, the bathtub, countertops, stainless steel, or door handles.

Pouring some into a smaller bottle to use on the go is recommended. Wipe down grocery carts or use it in the car.

DO NOT CONSUME: Contains Isopropyl Alcohol content

Keep away from flames, sparks and temperatures over 40C. Keep away from children and pets. 


1) Store up high away from children. Because of its high alcohol content.

2) Don’t mix alcohol with bleach -  isopropyl, when mixed with bleach creates chloroform, a toxic compound that emits toxic and corrosive fumes. 

3) Don’t use alcohol near flames or smoking as alcohol is flammable.

4) Be cautious on certain surfaces:

While safe to use on most surfaces, there are some surfaces you will definitely want to avoid sterilizing with alcohol:

Finished surfaces: Avoid using any alcohol on painted, shellacked, lacquered, or varnished surfaces, including treated wood.

Certain fabrics: The isopropyl in alcohol can be a great stain treatment on certain fabrics, removing all evidence of difficult stains like ink, grass, grease, or sap. While your carpet will thank you for an isopropyl alcohol treatment, keep in mind some fabrics don’t do well with alcohol. Delicate or synthetic materials like acetate, rayon, wool, and silk are best to be avoided.

4) Do not ingest or use on skin

This is an industrial strength cleaning solution and NOT a disinfectant or medical solvent.