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FOGHAT Butane Fuel Refill

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Original price $19.50
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Foghat Culinary Butane for use with the Foghat Culinary Torch or any kitchen torch. This ultra pure butane is specially formulated and distilled for use with fine food and drinks. Has near zero impurities as a result leaves no residual gas odours or unwanted taste in cocktails or foods. It is recommended to only use high quality multi-filtered butane when smoking cocktails and food. Non-filtered lighter fluids have impurities which will impart unwanted flavours and odours.

  • Culinary butane for use with culinary torch
  • Ultra pure – has near zero impurities leaving no residual gas odours or taste
  • Includes universal adapters for use on all brands of kitchen torches and lighters requiring butane
  • Specially formulated and distilled for use with food and drinks
  • Made in USA
  • Capacity: 60ml