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FOGHAT Cocktail Smoker

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Original price $99.00
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Transform your epicurean experience with the Foghat Cocktail Smoker. Infuse food, wine and spirits with all natural smoke flavours with a show-stopping display. Create captivating cocktails in a few easy steps: Prepare your favourite cocktail and place the Foghat Smoker on top of the glass. Add one of our flavoured, all natural, smoking fuels to the smoker. Secure steel mesh ember guard and ignite fuel. Place Foghat lid and watch the cascading waterfall of culinary smoke infuse into your drink. 

Includes: Foghat Smoker, ember guard, cleaning brush, Whiskey Barrel Oak Culinary Smoking Fuel.

  • Add culinary smoke to cocktails in minutes!
  • Handmade, solid oak
  • All natural flavours
  • Made in USA