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Banneton Basket w/Liner, 25cm (10") Oval

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Original price $34.50
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Whether it's an elaborate sourdough boule or a loaf of seeded rye, these natural rattan dough proofing baskets and liners will make your break making dreams come true.

  • Better rise
  • Crunchier crust and texture after baking
  • Double duty as a serving bowl
  • Use an elastic liner for a smooth top on your dough or use basket without a liner for a beautiful grooved texture on your loaf.
  • Dough Capacity: 750g - 1kg
  • Homemade artisan quality bread: This 100% natural rattan basket will make your bread baking dreams come true. Bannetons will give bread a better rise and uniform shape, which leads to better texture and a crunchier crust after baking.
  • Handmade: this bread proofing basket is handmade in Vietnam with natural rattan, so some color variation is expected. No dyes or chemicals and has a smooth surface.
  • Easy care: simply clean the basket with a stiff brush and warm water. Do not soak.
  • Great gift for beginner bread bakers: perfect gift for aspiring and professional bread bakers alike. Includes the liner.