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ZYLISS Easy Seal Bottle Stopper, Set of 2

Original price $12.00 - Original price $12.00
Original price $12.00
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Easy seal for any bottle type.

  • Airtight seal keeps wine and drinks fresh
  • Generous design fits a wide variety of bottle sizes
  • Easy-lock lever for quick opening and closing
  • Long easy-lock handle provides leverage for easy closing
  • Zyliss 5 Year Manufacturer Guarantee – Dishwasher Safe, Hand Wash Recommended

The Zyliss Bottle Stoppers are great for keeping oil and vinegar, beverages and wine. Throw out those old corks and switch to a modern option. Natural corks can taint wine and some, on occasion, can carry a fungus. It’s generous designs fit a wide variety of bottle size. The airtight seal has an easy-lock lever for quick opening and closing. The bottle stoppers are dishwasher safe and come with a 5-year warranty.