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ZYLISS Tongs, Silicone Tipped

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Original price $38.00
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These silicone-tipped Cook N Serve Tongs by Zyliss are a clever choice. Features include slanted silicone tips that offer superior grip and scratch-free performance on any cooking surface; a sturdy design (the tongs themselves are made of metal); an ergonomic handle, which not only has ridges to keep your thumb and index finger in place for a surer grip, but also insulates your hand from heat (if you immerse the tongs in boiling water to fish out corn cobs, e.g.); a very wide grip (it opens up to 5.5 inches fully extended); a locking feature to keep its storage width to just 1-3/4 inches; and a hanging loop, so you can hang it within easy reach on your wall, barbeque, or cabinet door.