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EMILE HENRY Individual Pie Plates, 5.5"

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An ideal baking solution for the experienced home baker or beginner alike, the Emile Henry 5.5" x 2" Mini Pie Dish  provides you with the tools for baking a variety of small, but delicious pies! Presenting themselves in a neutral white color, Sugar, these mini pie dishes are made of Emile Henry's innovative ceramic with its world-renowned fluted shape. Designed for everyday use, the ceramic is highly resistant to shock caused by the inevitable banging against the oven or a dish. True to form, Emile Henry's ceramics are made to withstand a wide variation in temperature. You'll be able to move these mini pie dishes from the freezer to a hot oven (500°F) with no worries as to the impact on the ceramic. Additionally, the properties of the Burgundy clay that makes up the ceramic allow it to absorb, retain and distribute heat evenly - exactly what you need for that Masterchef pot pie recipe you've wanted to try. The glaze of the ceramic is also particularly resistant against the dishwasher, aggressive detergents, heat, and sharp utensils making these dishes pieces of bakeware you will use for years and perhaps even pass on to loved ones.  

  • Made in France from high resistance ceramic
  • Dishwasher & microwave safe
  • Temperature Range of -20°C (-5°F) to 270°C (520°F)