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JUDE’S MIRACLE CLOTH Microfiber Cloths

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Original price $14.00
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Title: Set of 2 Outdoor - Grey

Kiss your glass cleaner, chemicals, and paper towels goodbye! With Jude’s Miracle Cloth, you’ll never need them again! Not only will it replace these items, but it will also provide a better, healthier, and more thorough clean. Just one Jude’s Miracle Cloth will replace a year or more’s worth of paper towel. Reusable after a simple wash in the laundry, Jude’s will save you money and help to preserve the planet.

  • Eco-friendly
  • Child & pet safe

And outdoors too?  People all over the world are using the grey Jude's cloth to clean and polish their motorcycles, cars, and other automotive toys! The cloth leaves no streaks, no scratches, and no pesky water spots!