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LE CREUSET Paella Pan, 34.4cm

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Color: Cerise

Our Paella Pan makes for another versatile addition to your specialty cookware collection. Named after the famous traditional Spanish dish, Paella, this wide pan captures the true essence of Spanish cuisine. Featuring a wide, shallow base, the Paella Pan is ideal for achieving a socarrat – a layer of toasted rice at the bottom of the paella.

Crafted with enamelled cast iron, our Paella Pan provides a large surface area to keep the rice layer shallow and allow excess moisture to evaporate, creating a crispy golden socarrat. Its enamelled cast iron construction as well as the matte black enamel interior ensure superior heat retention, aiding in the development of the crust.

The Paella Pan does not require seasoning and is best used on medium heat. Its wide, loop handles guarantee a comfortable, yet secure grip when transferring this piece of cookware from the stovetop to the table. Beyond preparing this traditional Valencian dish, our Paella Pan can be used for searing steaks and fish, as well as griddle for pancakes.