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MS. BETTER'S BITTERS Batch 42 Aromatic, 4oz

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Tasting Notes:  Warm, sweet mulled fruit base, orris root, bark, mild bitter, pink peppercorn, cinnamon, clove, nutmeg.

Ms. Better's Batch 42 Aromatic bitters fall right in the middle of our aromatic spectrum. Approachably balanced, bitter and sweet, versatile, but by no means are these average. Ideal for Manhattans especially and other strong stirred bourbon- or whisky-based cocktails, these bitters have a rich foundation, low acidity, warm spice notes and a smooth finish. 

A Vancouver based producer of superior bitters, syrups, purees and the world's first vegan botanical foamer. Because the history of each of our ingredients is important to us we strive to use quality organic produce and local ingredients whenever possible. Ms. Better's Bitters are all 100% natural.

Our goal is to bring depth to each and every cocktail made with our products. Botanicals are carefully selected and blended to create a sequence of notes that will carry you through a journey; be it a trip down memory lane or to an exciting new adventure.

We are Ms. Better's and we believe that bitter don't need to be an acquired taste - bitters can just be better.